Reminders for Next Week

Hi all,

We are reading Charles Yu’s “Standard Loneliness Package” and George Saunders’s “The Semplica-Girl Diaries” for Monday’s class. (Both texts are available on the “Course Readings” page).

I am also writing to remind everyone that we will be starting the blogging and commenting component of our class next week. Blogs are due by 5:00pm the day before class and comments are due by 9:00am the day of class. Anyone who is not posting a blog response, should be commenting. (Consult the blogging guidelines handouts for more detailed instructions). Please keep in mind that I do not accept late blog responses or comments.

You are allowed 3 freebie comments throughout the semester, which you can miss at no penalty. Missing any more than 3 comments will impact your grade.  If you feel that you cannot meet this commenting schedule for any reason- work, class, etc. please contact me through email ( in advance of the deadline and we can try to work out an alternative schedule.

For Monday:

  • Jacob has signed up to blog and facilitate on Yu’s “Standard Loneliness Package.”
  • Nicole Crippen has signed up to blog on Saunders’s “The Semplica-Girl Diaries”
  • *Please remember to bring in the copy of the close reading essay prompt I distributed at the end of class so we can discuss it!* (Students who were absent can get a copy on the “handouts” page on the blog)

If you are looking ahead to Wednesday’s class, we will be reading excerpts from M. NourbeSe Philip’s poetry collection Zong! and David Jose Older’s “Protected Entity.” You only have to read the poems I numbered in the syllabus from the Zong! collection and only pgs. 189-195 in the “Notanda,” though you are of course welcome to read more! All of these texts are available on the “Course Readings” page.

For Wednesday:

  • Wen-Chiao has signed up to blog and facilitate on excerpts from Philip’s Zong!
  • Jilian has signed up to blog on Older’s “Protected Entity”

Hope you have a great weekend. Happy reading!

-Prof. Tran


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