Reminders for Mon. (09/21)

Hi all,

Since we are still getting adjusted to the blogging/ commenting schedule, for this week only I am going to accept late comments! If you did not have a chance to post a comment either for Monday or Wednesday, you have until noon tomorrow (Friday, Sept. 18th) to post your comment on other students’ blog responses. Moving forward, keep in mind that blog responses are due 5:00pm the day before class and comments are due 9:00am the day of class. (You are not responsible for commenting on dates when you are posting a blog response).

Some quick reminders for Monday (Sept. 21st):

  • Please bring Daniel Jose Older’s “Protected Entity” to class since we did not have a chance to discuss it on Wednesday.
  • We will be starting our discussion of Sabrina Vourvoulias’s Ink (pgs. 1-67) Everyone should have a copy of the book!
    • Bloggers: Kaitlyn Klepper, Catherine Kearns, Patrick Gibson
    • Facilitator: Matthew Berns
  • We will be conducting a peer review session for the first writing assignment. Your draft should include your opening block quote and the introduction paragraph of your essay with your close reading of the quote and a working thesis statement. This is all that I am requiring, but feel free to write more. Please bring in 4 printed copies of your draft!
  • For those who were absent, you can find copies of another sample student thesis statement for the first essay assignment and the grading rubric on the “handouts” page.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Happy reading!

All the best,

Prof. Tran


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