Reminders for Wed. (09/30)

Hi all,

Just some quick reminders for Wednesday’s class, Sept. 30th:

  • We will begin class with the group activity on “minor” character analysis. Students who were absent can check out the handout I distributed to each group on the “handouts” page. (I will put you into existing groups tomorrow).
  • We will be finishing up our discussion of Vourvoulias’s Ink (pgs. 186-229)!
    • Blogger: David Huynh
    • Facilitators: None!
    • *Keep in mind that blog responses are due by 5:o0pm the day before class. Comments are due by 9:00am the day of class. Everyone who is not posting a response, should be commenting!*
  • I know that there were some issues with the internet yesterday, but when it comes back up, you should email me an electronic copy of your essay (if you haven’t done so already).
  • Also, can those of you who have been hanging on to your  peer review sheets, bring them into class tomorrow?

Thanks and happy reading!

Prof. Tran


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