Fledgling ch. 1-8

“Keep me with you.”

I was watching his face as I said it. He looked confused again, worried, but he held me against his body and nodded. “Yeah,” he said. “I’m not sure how I’m going to do that, but yeah. I want you with me. I don’t think I should keep you. Hell, I know I shouldn’t. But I’ll do it anyway.” “I don’t think I’m supposed to be alone,” I said. “I don’t know who I should be with, though, because I can’t remember ever having been with anyone.”

“So you’ll be with me.” He smiled and his confusion seemed gone.” (Butler, 13).

This conversation is important because Renee and Wright are complete strangers. Renee does not even know herself let alone herself. Wright picked her up on the side of the road without any idea who she was or what she was capable of. He thought he was just helping a child in need. He took in a total stranger even after she bit him, realizing she is a vampire. Rather than making her leave and figure out what happened to her all alone, he welcomes him into his aunt and uncle’s home. For some reason Wright trusted Renee enough to take on the responsibility of watching out for her despite the consequences he could face. At first he says he should not keep her with him and then right after says that he knows he should not. He did not previously know Renee or have any kind of history with her; therefore it is strange as to why he is going so out of his way to help her. When Renee first told Wright to keep her with him he seemed confused and apprehensive about the idea. But by the end of their conversation, it seems as if he talked himself into the idea because he smiled instead of looking uneasy. Not many people would pick up a stranger from the side of the road to begin with, so it is even more surprising that after learning Renee is a vampire, Wright still allows her to stay with him. It is important to realize the connection/relationship that Renee and Wright have. They both opened up to one another very quickly without having many reasons to.


3 thoughts on “Fledgling ch. 1-8

  1. Truer words could not have been spoken. I am surprised that Wright would tried to protect someone that bit him earlier. Perhaps this will be the start of a beautiful relationship. I hope that Wright does not pull a John. I also hope it does not become something like Twilight. On a side note I wonder how much we do know about Renee? We do know that she is older than she appears, for although she looks like a child, she states that she’s “old enough to have sex…” (Butler, 21). We also know the she lived in an era where cars and trucks existed and she fears doctors and police officers for some reason. Could her fears foreshadow something?

    Jiapeng Zhao


  2. I’m very interested in seeing where this relationship between Wright and Renee is going. Although Renee is still trying to figure out parts of her past and who and even what she really is it’s somewhat calming to have someone there by your side while she figured these things out. I also thought maybe Wright decided to take her in in order to feel a sense of purpose or responsibility because he mentions that’s he’s still not sure where his life is heading.
    – Caityn Moss


  3. It’s already clear the Butler is trying to establish an intricate, complex relationship between Wright and Renee right from the beginning. The sudden connection between the two, despite not knowing where it came from, why it exists, or why it should be allowed to take root, is emphasized in this passage. As readers, I think that we’re supposed to read this scene and understand that the relationship between Wright and Renee is going to be an important element of the story – whether it grows, deteriorates, or is tested – it is going to play an integral part in the conflict of this story.
    – Siri


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