Class Canceled Tomorrow (10/07)! + Reminders for Mon.

Hi all,

I am so sorry, but an emergency has come up and I need to cancel class tomorrow. Please comment on this blog post (or respond to the email I sent out to the class) to let me know that you have received this message. Also, spread the word to your classmates as best as you can!
Because we will not be meeting tomorrow, I am going to give an extension for both the blogs and comments.
  • The original bloggers for Wednesday (Patrick, Aaron, & Marjorie) will have until 5:00pm the day before class on Monday to post their blogs. You should still be focusing on pgs. 83-149
  • The bloggers for Monday (Nicole S., Siri, & Brandon) will still be responsible for posting their blogs by 5:00pm the day before class on Monday. You should be writing on pgs. 151-240.
  • (Bloggers can of course feel free to post their blogs earlier!)
  • Everyone should comment on these blog entries by 9:00am the day of class on Monday. You should be commenting on at least 2 posts!
  • All of the facilitators (Ben, Vennela, Patrick & Nicole) will be guiding discussion next Monday. We will start with those who were originally scheduled for Wednesday. Try to focus your questions around the section of the novel that was assigned for your original date.
Hope this all makes sense! Apologies again for the rushed message and for canceling class last minute. Please email me at if you have any questions!
All the best,
Prof. Tran

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