Reminders for Mon. (10/19)

Hi all,

Just some quick reminders for Monday’s class, Oct. 19th:

  • We will be discussing Charles Yu’s “Third Class Superhero” (available on the course readings page) and the first half of Gene Luen Yang & Sonny Liew’s The Shadow Hero (pgs. 1-71)
    • Bloggers for Yu’s “Third Class Superhero”: Vennela Gadde, Bobby O’Connor
    • Facilitator for Yu’s “Third Class Superhero”: Bobby O’Connor
    • Bloggers for Yang and Liew’s The Shadow Hero: Ashley Berry, Caitlyn Moss
    • Facilitator for Yang and Liew’s The Shadow Hero: John Sieg
  • We will talk more about the graphic novel genre on Monday, but for those of you close reading The Shadow Hero you might want to focus on other details in addition to plot elements, including the (1) juxtaposition of images and text; (2) the arrangement of panels; (3) the size/look of fonts and images, etc.
  • Remember if you are planning to revise your first essay, you should give me your letter in hard copy on Monday. Revised essays are due Monday, Nov. 2nd.

Happy reading!

-Prof. Tran


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