Reminders for Mon. (10/26)

Hi all,

Here are some quick reminders for Monday’s class, Oct. 26th:

  • We will continue our discussion of superheroes and graphic novels with Willow G. Wilson and Adrian Alphona’s Ms. Marvel Volume 1: No Normal 
    • Bloggers: John Sieg, Caitlyn Moss, Jillian Valdes
    • Facilitator: Dean Keinan
    • *Note to bloggers: There are no page numbers in the Ms. Marvel graphic novel so just include the issue number (1-5) in your parenthetical citation for the passage/scene you choose.
    • *Note new deadline for comments: For those of you who were absent on Wednesday, I decided to change the commenting dealing to noon the day of class, so you will have a few extra hours to post your comments. (The deadline for blog responses is still 5:00pm the day before class).
  • Please remember to bring in the copy of the midterm essay prompts that I distributed on Wednesday so we can review them on Monday. For those of you who were absent, you can download the midterm prompts from the “Handouts” page.
  • Also, next Wednesday we will be discussing Disney’s Big Hero 6. A copy of the movie is on reserve in the Media Center at the Douglass Library. You will have between today and next Wednesday to watch the film. (I will be taking it off reserve before our class on Wednesday so we can re-watch clips from the film during class).

Happy reading!

-Prof. Tran


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