Reminders for Wed. (10/28)

Hi all,

Here are some quick reminders for Wednesday’s class, Oct. 28th:

  • We will begin our discussion of Disney’s Big Hero 6 on Wednesday. If you need access to the movie, it will be on reserve at the media center in the Douglass Library until Wednesday morning.
    • Bloggers: Serina Thomas, Jimmy Nolan, Ben Manahan, Sara Aldaghady, John Sieg
    • Facilitator: Ashley Berry
    • *A note to bloggers: Please provide a brief summary of the scene you are writing on before delving into your analysis. (You do not have to type up the dialogue). We will discuss close reading films in greater detail on Wednesday, but some things you might want to pay attention to (in addition to plot details) are: (1) the representation of characters; (2) setting; (3) music and sound effects; (4) lighting, etc.

Looking forward to our discussion!

All the best,

Prof. Tran


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