Big Hero 6

In this scene Hiro and Baymax have gone into the portal to save Abigail and are pressed for time before the portal collapses on itself. As Hiro and Baymax were about to head into the portal there are parallels to his brother Tadashi going into the burning building to save Professor Callaghan. Much of the story leading up to this moment touched heavily on the personal growth of Hiro and how he has developed to become a better person; and in turn like his brother. However, when it comes down to saying goodbye to Baymax in order to save both himself and Abigail, Hiro is not able to let Baymax go. Baymax is the last thing Hiro has of his brother. The last thing that Baymax asks Hiro is “are you satisfied with your care?” to which Hiro responds “I am satisfied with my care.” Both characters have had this dialogue before and it was far more mechanical. This language on paper does not have very much emotion and could be interpreted as robotic, however there is emotion in the voice of both characters prior to Baymax sending Hiro through the portal. Finally as Hiro heads towards the light at then portals entrance Baymax slips into darkness to make the audience feel that we have really lost him. It is also quite nice to think that even after death Hiro’s brother was able to save him not only from depression but from death.


7 thoughts on “Big Hero 6

  1. I think that you did a really good job of summing up this scene and it’s importance. I agree that it’s hard to fully capture how much emotion this scene carries without actually watching it. I liked the change of watching a movie and reading comic books the past couple weeks because I feel that these forms of stories really capture the emotion. Seeing the look on Hiro’s face when Baymax asked if he was satisfied with the care was really touching without saying any words.


  2. I enjoyed that you choose this section, I too was very surprise by the departure of Baymax. The symbolism of the darkness shows us that he is a forgotten thought, lost in time. I really liked how this movie had many plot twists, I did not expect much when I first began this movie but I left satisfied and happy with this selection.


  3. That’s really interesting that you saw the parallels of this scene and the one from the beginning of the film Tadashi’s attempt to save Callaghan. Caught up in the moment of the climax I didn’t see those similarities, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I can’t unseen it. The entire movie is really a growth story as Hiro must learn to deal with the death of his brother. To me, this scene shows that he has learned this. Hiro spent weeks in his room, locked away from friends and family, unwilling to accept that Tadashi was gone. Every time Baymax asks if Hiro is satisfied with his care, it’s as if he is really asking whether Hiro has accepted his pain and is willing to move on with his life. In this scene, Hiro responds that he is satisfied. He recognizes that he must move on with his life; that the memories of Tadashi and Baymax will always stay with him, like how Tadashi remained inside Baymax. During Hiro’s first interaction with Baymax in Tadashi’s lab, Baymax asks Hiro “On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your pain?” Hiro sarcastically responds “Physical? Or emotional?” It was meant as a joke, but Baymax heals Hiro emotionally, more times than physically by the end of the movie.



  4. I really liked how you brought up the the line earlier on and compared it to the one in this scene because it really does show a great development in the characters and their relationship with each other. I honestly wasn’t expecting this movie to successfully convey the emotions it did, and I was thoroughly impressed with it by the end.


  5. I found it very interesting you incorporated the scene with the microbots. I think the microbots very much resemble the big hero 6 team in that separated they are not much but together they become one and something much greater. As the movie goes on, we see a growth in hiros character. after he looses his brother he is emotionally and physically damaged but then is healed by bay max and essentially saves him. This indicates he his able to move on and look at the tradigidies that happened maturely!


  6. This is obviously a hugely significant moment in the film, and I think that you analyze and summarize the scene well. You can clearly see how much Hiro has grown as a character, particularly through the growth of his relationship with Baymax. I also really like how you highlighted the repetition of the “Are you satisfied with your care?” dialogue. It serves as a neat bookend, while the difference in tone and emotion in the two moments also highlights how much the relationship has changed by the end of the film.


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