Parallels between Hiro and Callaghan- Big Hero 6

“Is this what Abigail would have wanted?”

Near the end of the film, as is common among Disney movies, a final battle breaks out- one last fight in which good can triumph over evil. What we uncover is that the antagonist is less someone who is evil, but more someone who seeks vindication for the death of his daughter due to an immoral push for technological advancement; not unlike the justice Hiro originally sought for the death of his brother.

It is in this scene, the undoubted climax of the movie, in which the protagonist and antagonist have the most in common. This is the point at which Callaghan stood at the same crossroads Hiro stood at just a little while earlier. Callaghan was presented with the choice to destroy the one whom he decided was responsible for the “death” of his daughter. Just prior to this, Hiro was presented with the option to destroy the one whom he felt was responsible for the death of his brother, Tadashi. It is here that we, the audience, were presented with a sad case of irony: they did choose the same option. Left to his own devices and without the interference of his friends, Hiro would have used Baymax as a weapon and killed Callaghan. However, Honey Lemon was able to reinsert the healthcare chip that Tadashi had created as Baymax’s primary function. This was when Hiro stormed off, saying that he wished they had never gotten involved.

It was at this point that Baymax and Hiro’s friends were able to say, effectively, “Will eliminating Callaghan make you feel better? Will it bring Tadashi back? Is this what Tadashi would have wanted?” This was the point at which the newly enlightened Hiro realized the error of his ways and was able to pose the same question to Callaghan, who was seeking to destroy Krei and everything he had worked for. Callaghan’s response to the question posed by Hiro was “Abigail is dead.” Sadly, it was not until after Callaghan had been defeated by Hiro and his team that Baymax informed them that there was life left in the portal.

A major theme suggested by this scene and the whole scenario is that the only difference between the hero and the villain is the way they respond to their respective loss. To delve even further, it could be said that without Wasabi, Go Go, Fred, and Honey Lemon, Hiro may have ended up just like Callaghan.


One thought on “Parallels between Hiro and Callaghan- Big Hero 6

  1. Yeah, I saw the parallel as well. Both Hiro and Callaghan have lost someone close to them. I find a bit of irony in the movie. The irony comes in the form of Hiro being unable to save Tadashi and became a hero while Callaghan found out his daughter is still alive though only finding out after he tried to get revenge on Krei. It also reminds me of what the Shadow Hero. Both the hero and the villain have lost someone close to them but they took different paths in life. It is amazing how people react differently to the same traumatic event.

    Jiapeng Zhao


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