Seeing San Fransokyo: Thoughts on Big Hero 6

Hi all- just thought I’d share this blog by Sean Miura that describes his reactions to watching Big Hero 6 as a Japanese American. There are also some interesting tidbits in here about the creative/historical context for the film, which we’ll hopefully have time to delve into tomorrow. In any case, don’t let reading this article get in the way of commenting on your classmates’ awesome blog responses on the film!

The Nerds of Color

by Sean Miura | Originally posted at Down Like JTown

Last week was a big week for Big Hero 6. Not only did the film take home an Oscar, but its DVD and Blu-ray releases hit stores Tuesday and owned the Best Sellers list on Amazon.

I’d been anticipating Big Hero 6 since the first teaser slowly revealed a jaw-dropping rendering of San Fransokyo, the Tokyo/San Francisco hybrid that sets the stage. Though I am wary of any films that feature Asian… anything, there was a certain nostalgic familiarity in the Kingdom Hearts-style pan over the city.

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