Reminders for Wed. (11/04)

Hi all,

Just some quick reminders for Wednesday’s class, Nov. 4th:

  • We are beginning our discussion of Sherri Smith’s Orleans (“Before” & pgs. 13-69)
    • Bloggers: Nicole Crippen, Justin Wright, Siri Nesheim, Jacob Paul
    • Facilitator: Nicole Crippen
  • Your midterm essays are due in class in hard copy on Wednesday. Please bring in your peer review sheets as well!
    • I would also like an electronic copy of your essay for my records, which should be emailed to me at by the end of the day on Wednesday.
    • I will answer any questions and am willing to look at drafts of your thesis paragraph up until 6:00pm today, Nov. 2nd! The earlier you email me the sooner you will receive feedback.
  • A brief note about citing quotes/passages from graphic novels and movies:
    • You should be as selective and descriptive as possible when you are quoting from either of these mediums. For example, be specific in identifying the characters who are engaged in dialogue and whether the text you are quoting is a form of narration or internal thought. Carefully contextualize each scene or example, i.e. highlight what is happening, to whom, and where it falls in relation to the text as a whole.
    • Passages can be of any length- a single line, e.g. Baymax’s refrain “Are you satisfied with your care?” counts as a passage! For movies (and to an extent graphic novels) these passages do not even have to be direct quotations from the text. However, you should have at least 3 distinct examples in your essay, i.e. 3 separate scenes that you analyze at length.
    • If you absolutely have to include a block quote in your analysis of a graphic novel, please identify who is speaking, to whom, and whether the text is a narration. For example:

Narration: “Quote text”

Hank: “Quote text”

Hua: “Quote text”

Narration: “Quote text”

Hank: “Quote text”

[This “play-like” format is not official MLA citation policy, but I am allowing it for this class. All of the other formatting details for block quotes apply.]


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