Reminders for Wednesday’s Class (11/11)

Hi all,

Some quick reminders for Wednesday’s class:

  • We will be continuing our discussion of Sherri Smith’s Orleans (pgs. 160- 234)
    • Bloggers: Vennela Gadde, Jiapeng Zhao, Dean Keinan, Ben Manahan
    • Facilitators: Siri Nesheim, Jimmy Nolan
    • Note: As I mentioned in class today, I can no longer honor requests to switch blogging/ facilitation dates. We are nearing the end of the semester so you should keep track of your own dates and plan accordingly. No late blog responses or comments will be accepted unless you speak to me in advance (or, unless I have already set up an alternative schedule for you). Blogs are due by 5:00pm the day before class and comments are due 12:00pm the day of class.
  • Please try to be present for Wednesday’s class because we will be discussing the final project and forming groups!
  • Also, the movie Snowpiercer, which we will begin discussing next Wednesday, is now on reserve at the media center in Douglass Library. You will have until next Wednesday morning to watch the film. I believe that Snowpiercer is also available to watch on Netflix if you have an account.

Happy reading!

All the best,

Prof. Tran


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