Reminders for Monday’s Class (11/16)

Hi all,

Some quick reminders for Monday’s class, Nov. 16th:

  • We will be finishing our discussion of Sherri Smith’s Orleans (pgs. 235-324)
    • Bloggers: David Huynh, Marjorie Eyong, Bobby O’Connor, Nicole Schmalz
    • Facilitator: Caitlyn Moss
  • For those of you who were absent, we went over the final project today, which you can download from the “Handouts” page.
    • Most of the groups have already been formed, but if you weren’t in class today I will just add you to one of the groups with only 3 students.
    • We will determine the presentation order for the groups on Monday.
    • All groups should have some sense of the text they want to facilitate on by next Wednesday. You should select one person in your group to send me an email with all of the group members’ names and the title of your chosen text(s).
    • I will be giving you time in class on Monday to continue your discussions with your group.
  • Also, the movie Snowpiercer, which we will begin discussing next Wednesday, is now on reserve at the media center in Douglass Library. You will have until next Wednesday morning to watch the film. I believe that Snowpiercer is also available on Netflix if you have an account.

Happy reading!

All the best,

Prof. Tran


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