Reminders for Wed. (11/18)

Hi all,

Some quick reminders for Wednesday’s class, Nov. 18th:

  • We will be discussing the movie Snowpiercer, which is on reserve at the Media Center in the Douglass Library. You will have Wednesday morning to watch it before I take the film off reserve.
    • Bloggers: Wen-Chiao O’Boyle, Adrian Casper, Matthew Berns
    • Facilitators: Adrian Casper and Marjorie Eyong
  • By now, all of you should know your group for the final project. As I mentioned in class today, please select one person from your group to email me ( the following information by noon this Friday, Nov. 20th:
    • Names of all of your group members
    • The title of the text(s)/object(s)  you are planning to facilitate
    • The date and slot (A/B) of your facilitation
  • *Important note: For those of you who were absent, we have collectively decided to cancel class next Monday, Nov. 23rd, so everyone will have more time to work on the final project and to get an early start to Thanksgiving break!


Prof. Tran


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