Reminders about Final Project & Classes after Thanksgiving Break

Hi all,

Here are just some quick reminders about the final project and the last two weeks of class:

  • Final Project
    • Please remember to select one person from your group to email me by this Friday, Nov. 20th the following information: (1) name of all group members; (2) date and slot (A/B) of your presentation; (3) the title of the text(s) you have chosen to facilitate
    • One week before your facilitation, you should select one person from your group to create a blog post that provides links/files to the texts you want us to read or look at in advance of your facilitation. Your group may also choose to include in this post specific instructions about what details to pay attention and/or what texts from previous sessions of our class that you might want us to bring on that date. This is of course all up to you!
  • Midterm Paper- grades and revisions
    • I will be emailing you pdf copies of your grades on the midterm paper along with my comments by the end of the week. If you plan to revise your essay, you can get a head start over Thanksgiving break.
    • The cover letters for revisions are due by Monday, Nov. 30th. Revised essays are due in hard copy on the last day of class, Wednesday, Dec. 9th.
    • Things to keep in mind: (1) If you turn in your revision on the last date of class, please do not expect detailed comments from me. At most, I can email you your grade on the revision. You are free to turn in your revised essays earlier. (2) If you are revising your essay, make sure all of the MLA citations and works cited entries are correct. If they are incorrect, I will return the essay without grading it. I have mentioned this several times in class and have even given you MLA formatting guidelines, so there should be no excuses for incorrect/absent citations!
    • *Please note that by now you all should have received grades on both of your blog responses and your facilitation. If you have not received them, just send me a quick email! (
  • Extra points for “blogging” component
    • If you  have not been commenting regularly on the blog and would like to have a chance to “bump up” your grade, you can choose to comment on the blog entries posted by each group with your general reflections on the texts they have selected to facilitate on. To count, these comments are due by 12:00pm the day of class.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving Break!

Prof. Tran


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