Bioshock: video game as 21st century fiction

Consider the union of writing, audio, and visual arts amounting to a singular expression of an immersive story. In 2007, a videogame titled Bioshock was released that marked the movement of the genre into the art form that it has since grown into.

During our presentation we’ll be discussing Bioshock, the significance of its creation, and the thematic elements present in the story of a once-utopian undersea city.

In order to give you a good understanding of the Bioshock story, Eligible Monsters Gaming have put together a plot summary over the course of these four videos–about 25 minutes of viewing total. Please take the time to watch so we can discuss on Monday after break:

Also take some time to watch the first 10 minutes of the game below:

Lastly, here is the first time you are confronted with the choice between killing or saving a Little Sister:

See you after break!


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