Gender Norms in the Science Fiction World

Facilitators: Sara Aldaghady, Caitlyn Moss, Nicole Schmalz

Throughout the course of history, the role of women has been dramatically changed regarding their abilities to be “independent” and have the same rights as their male counterparts. While the 21st century has undoubtedly proved to be a success to women’s rights-as they are able to do many things men can do-gender roles are still assigned to women and guide them to what they should do. This is relevant to not only the real world, but in science fiction media. However, there are several works that we, as a class, have read and viewed that negate these gender roles and show women to be free and individualistic.

Below is a parody trailer made by Saturday Night Live for the upcoming movie “Black Widow” and portrays what society thinks female superheroes should act like. As you watch it, think of two other works that we have read or viewed that debunk female stereotypes. Also, come up with a list of gender norms that we can discuss next Wednesday (12/2).


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