Thinking Through Character and Narrative Themes in Pacific Rim

Facilitators: David Huynh, Marjorie Eyong, and JP Zhao

Throughout the semester, one of the most common aspects that we have seen in many of the movies and texts we have looked at has been the idea of taking familiar sci fi and speculative fiction tropes and re-imagining them in new and diverse ways. The movie Pacific Rim from director Guillermo Del Toro provides another great example of re-imagining familiar themes.

If you have time and are able to access the film, watch Pacific Rim. If not, here are several clips from the film that illustrate some of the main ideas. What do you notice about the characters? What are some of the story elements that you find interesting? What do you notice about the use of science and speculative fiction themes? Can you draw any comparisons to other texts from class, like Big Hero 6?




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