Final Paper.

Nicole Crippen

Professor Frances Tran

American Studies 316

December 16, 2015

The Avengers / Big Hero 6 Mash Up

When given this final assignment my group and I were forced to look outside of the classroom and find an external text and dig into the issues and real questions it raises in the 21st century. The external text that my group choose was the 2012 blockbuster hit movie, The Avengers. The Avengers had many similarities as well as caused much discussion like the assigned movie, Big Hero 6 which has become a Disney fan-favorite.

Both films take place in a city like setting, which is how most superhero tales take place due to the fact that a city under terror is a frightening thing for civilians to watch. Both films also consist of diverse team members who all come together for a solidified purpose, to defeat an enemy. Within The Avengers each superhero has a supernatural ability that they were gifted, while in Big Hero 6 each character has intelligence which leads to scientific creations that make them superheroes in their own right.

Major themes that were noticed were group formation, internal conflict, the significance of collaboration, the role of the government, and expanding the idea of sacrifices. In the Avengers, the team formation was very forced, there were many internal conflicts of well-established characters like Iron Man, The Hulk, and the Black Widow, just to name a few. Each character saw themselves as a force themselves not needing to be attached to another to execute a precise task. With Big Hero 6 each member, Wasabi, Hiro, Go Go Tomago, as well as others all came together to avenge a fallen friend.

The contrast of how each team formed does not take away the importance of collaboration within both films. Within the final fighting scenes each movie showcased how to defeat the villain each team member was essential, team collaboration was a key in order to achieve the overall goal of defeating the evil nemesis. Although with both films each member had a significance complex, with The Avengers for example you had Iron Man who had an ego all on his own, and each superhero within that film did not want a counterpart or partner to help assist them with their tasks, until they realized that was not their personal call to make. While with Big Hero 6 each character bonded over their scientific abilities to create these beautiful creations that as a whole created something bigger than themselves for the greater of the whole team.

We ended our facilitation bringing up the concept of sacrifices, within Big Hero 6 we watch the “death” of Baymax which brings questions of why was the concept of dying for others significant. In The Avengers we have the character Iron Man who appears to sacrifice himself, although throughout the movie he was a main character against being labeled as being “apart” of the team. The strength of both characters from both movies symbolizes how strong of an element team unity is, both members willing to give it up their lives for the greater of the team.

Both movies were great in the aspects that a lot of different themes from different texts were apparent and fluent within a modern day story such as The Avengers.

Movie References

The Avengers, 2012

Big Hero 6, 2014


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