The Value of Teamwork as Told by The Avengers and Big Hero 6

In both Big Hero 6 and The Avengers, there are striking similarities in the ways with which the teams operate, certain character archetypes, as well as the missions of both teams as a whole.  While notable differences include the use of superpowers and the like, the overall theme is there and is very clear to the viewers.  There is without a doubt a broad range of similarities between Big Hero 6 and The Avengers, but it is most certainly these movies’ abilities to couple specific social messages with the fun and action that they portray that make them so notable.  Within both of the movies, the characters portrayed enter a nearly impossible struggle with a formidable enemy that leaves them in harrowing circumstances, yet the teams utilize each other greatly, and it is through this teamwork that we get a firsthand look at its importance in society as a whole.

The worlds that the characters inhabit in both of these movies are such that they experience massive amounts of destruction and chaos (especially The Avengers) almost regularly.  Despite all of this however, it is important to note that the overall environments as a whole, appear rather optimistic in their futuristic portrayals.  The significance of this positivity in the environment says a lot about the importance of heroics in these stories to begin with.  In The Avengers for example, despite each of the team members being independent and somewhat skittish about working with one another somehow manage to beat their foe by seemingly feeding off of the positivity of the world around them.  Other than the meta reality of there being a happily ever after ending at the conclusion of both of these movies simply because they are centered on kids as their audience, the worlds’ themselves just overall seem to be places where good reigns supreme.

The near endless use of humor in both of these movies also serves an important aspect in fostering teamwork.  In Big Hero 6 when Hiro is first introduced to the future team by his brother for example, each team member is introduced with a rather light feel, while also highlighting their rather extreme talents as scientists.  Humor in the form of playful banter and one-liners between each team member of The Avengers also serves to alleviate the stress of their dire situations, as well as to serve the arguably more important role of building team morale and cohesion, if these were not to be looked at from the strict perspective of an audience.

Within both of these movies are important aspects to creating effective teams.  In both movies there is a solid amount of stress that causes the teams to turn on each other briefly in moments of weakness, and we know this to be true within reality as well.  The other content however, is also true to reality.  A team’s overall environment and the way with which each team member interacts with each other are absolutely crucial to the success of the team as a whole, and what these movies both successfully address in society today is how to try and approach teamwork.  It is not uncommon after all for people to tend to work individually and exclude themselves from others, yet a well-functioning team will always be able to accomplish more than just one person.


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